Gothenburg 2012

posted 28 Dec 2011, 11:16 by Roland Kerek   [ updated 5 Nov 2012, 09:10 by Roland Kerek ]
The program's website is available here.

Our school participates in an exchange program with a Swedish school in Gothenburg, the IHGR. Just like last year when the wishful beginning of this exchange was, this year twelve students take part in the program, ten from our school, and ten from the ISGR. The program is organised around two trips, one in April, 2012 and another in September, 2012. First, the Swedish students host us in Gothenburg in the spring, and then in the autumn, they come to us. There is also a theme around which the programmes are organised: underground culture.

The participating students:
1Pongrácz Márton10.a/11.a 
Madarász Zénó 10.b/11.b
Gál Gabriella11.a/12.a
4Kőműves Karolina11.b/12.b 
5Sztanka-Tóth Tamás11.c/12.c
6Törék Eszter 11.c/12.c
7Funk Márta11.d/12.d
8Mózes Zsófia11.d/12.d
9Orosz Natália11.d/12.d
10 Tordai Márton11.d/12.d

The participating teachers are:
Kerek Roland (2012 spring and autumn)
Soczó Júlia (2012 spring)
Mezei Mónika (2012 autumn)